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Question:Why should I book with a specialty agent like MyTurksAndCaicos.com vs. the resort direct or aΒ bigger online company?

Answer: Β As specialty agents who knowΒ Turks and CaicosΒ inside out, we have stayed as a visitor just like you at each and everyone one of the resorts we represent. We know the people; the concierge, General Managers,Β restaurateurs, activity providers, transfer services, etc. Our recommendations come from experience, being in the resort and testing and trying everything so that we canΒ make your trip the best possible. Our partnership with each resort allows us to have flexible policies,Β great rates and specials throughout the year. We are non-biased and will recommend the resort we feel is the best fit for you. We have sent countless couples, friends and families to their perfect vacation through thoughtfulΒ  pre-planning and organizing all the little details for them. Finally, we care. WeΒ sincerelyΒ want you to have the best time on your vacation and make itΒ our responsibility to make that happen!

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Question:Which resorts are kid/family friendly? Is there a nanny service?

Answer: All properties provide a babysitting/nanny service with wonderful staff whom we have become acquainted with. Most 5-star properties will have Kids Clubs filled with adventurous activities, silly games and great friends. For those properties that do not offer a Kids Club, there are still many activities they can participate in with many different tour operators who we will personally recommend. Seven Stars is the only resort with a fun playground on site, while The Palms and Grace Bay Club both have specific rooms for the clubs.

Question:Are there adults-only resorts? Which are best for couples?

Answer: All resorts cater to couples, families and anyone looking for an amazing stay in Turks and Caicos. However there are several we would recommend for couples; specifically the Gansevoort, Point Grace Resort and Grace Bay Club's Hotel section (which is an adults-only part of the resort).

Question:We don't want to pay Beaches pricing but want something comparable.

Answer: Nothing will quite compare to the size of Beaches but there are some properties that offer a meal plan to compare with the All Inclusive plan from Beaches and that are along the same part of the beach offering the same magnificent views. West bay Club and The Palms offer All Inclusive Plans throughout several months in the off-season at much lower cost than Beaches.


Question:Are there wedding/honeymoon packages? Where can we renew our vows?

Answer: Some resorts offer their own wedding/honeymoon/vow renewal packages, however even if they don't, we work with one of the best event planners on the island. Nila Destinations will put together a package that best suits your needs and wishes for your special day.

Question:What are the taxi fares? Airport Transfers?

Answer: It is a small island so getting from the airport to any resort on Grace Bay Beach will take around 20 minutes. We will inform you of all the taxi fares so that there are no surprises when you arrive. We will even arrange your taxi transfers (with no additional fees) so that you have your transfer waiting for you at the airport on arrival. We know the drivers well and trust you are in good hands throughout your stay.

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Question:What is the best thing to do other than lay on the beach?

Answer: There is so much to do in TCI! Relaxing on the beach is definitely a favorite and we know you can do this every day ofΒ your trip, but if you did want to get out and see the island we can certainly recommend many of the great things we have done ourselves. For those of you who are active, try a kayak or snorkel adventure with Big Blue Unlimited, one of our favorite activity partners. For a cultural day out, visit one of the neighboring islands with an educational tour to see old ruins and hidden caves. Or simply rent a car (we can provide you with the details of the rental company) and take a leisurely drive around the island in a day and stop at some of our favorite lunch spots along the way.

Question:Do I need a car?

Answer: You do not need a car if you are staying in the Grace Bay area, as many restaurants and shops are within walking distance. Those that are further away would not be more than a 5 minute taxi ride. We do recommend to rent a car for a day or two and tour the island to see some sites if you are feeling adventurous. Just remember, they drive on the left hand side of the road! If you have a large family and are planning several meals out, then renting a car may be more cost-effective than taking a taxi if you. (as taxis charge per person)

Question:Is there a grocery store nearby? What do they sell?

Answer: There are several grocery stores on-island and some resorts even have a small store on-site. You can also pre-order groceries anytime so that your fridge is stocked upon arrival. In the Grace Bay area there is the Gourmet Grocer with a deli and bakery as well as all the provisions you would want at home. Then there is a larger IGA just off the main highway about 7 minutes away where you can also find anything you would back home. Just keep in mind that you are on an island and prices will be higher than the mainland!

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Question: Can I take a boat and visit the other islands?

Answer: You most certainly can! Island hopping is one of our favorite things to do while in TCI. You can charter your own private boat for a half day or full day and go anywhere your heart desires. Most boats will also have snorkel equipment so that you can hop out any time to see some sites underwater. Or you can choose to take a guided tour by boat or even kayak around some of the small mangroves and islands just off the Leeward Marina.

Question: What is there to do in Turks and Caicos?

Answer: Everything! Well almost... For activities, did you know that TCI is one of the top 5 destinations in the world for diving? And that there are countless areas to snorkel and view the underwater wonders. Fishing, kayaking, boating, kite boarding, biking and parasailing are just another handful of things to do around these wondrous islands.

Question: What are the benefits of a resort versus a Villa?

Answer: In TCI the Villas all cater to larger numbers, so you will not find a small villa for a couple or small family (other than at Parrot Cay by COMO resort). Villas are usually on the South part of the island away from the famous Grace Bay Beach area here you will find most shops, restaurants and places to be. Resorts offer full customer service and amenities that most Villas do not, such as a concierge, 24 hour room service, onsite restaurants, a sandy beachfront and much more. For first time visitors to TCI it is highly recommended to stay along Grace Bay Beach at one of the many wonderful resorts.

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Question: What is included in the resort rates? And what are the taxes?

Answer: In the TCI all resorts will have a Government Tax of 12% added to the subtotal as well as a service charge (Resort Fee) of 10%. Some resorts may charge more, but this is the average for the majority. The Serve Charge can include housekeeping, internet, wifi, items such as water sports, bottled water, concierge service and many more resort amenities.

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Question: What is the best time to visit TCI?

Answer: We would honestly say anytime! Peak season runs from mid December to end of April where you will find the highest rates and most occupancy but the perfect temperatures. May to mid December is the low season and you can find many quiet times where you will hardly run into anyone on the beach. The temperature is very consistent throughout the year and TCI receives very little precipitation. But keep in mind that hurricane season does run throughout the Caribbean from June to November, although TCI has had very little activity with Hurricanes in all the years it has been recorded.

Question: Is there a Casino on the island?

Answer: Yes, Casablanca's Casino is a favorite night spot for many visiting the island. It is a small casino in comparison to some but still lively and offers Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Baccarat and roulette. It is in the Grace Bay area so close to all major resorts. Where is the best beach/location for a resort? As you may have already heard, Grace Bay Beach has been voted the #1 beach in the world many times. This is where the majority of the resorts are located. From the west end where you have West Bay Club, to the central Grace Bay area at Seven Stars or to the East end of Ocean Club Resort, you are on the best beach you want to be.

Question: Where is the best place to eat?

Answer: If we were to list all of our favorite restaurants we may be here all day. There are so many! Most resorts will have their own on resort restaurant and they are all open to the public, so you don't need to be staying at the resort to eat there. Here is just a few of our favorites: the famous Coco Bistro for exquisite fine dining, Grace's Cottage for romance, magnolia's for sunset views, Somewhere is casual and fun with live music, Bugaloo's for a south island experience, Da Conch Shack for the world's best conch and oh we could go on. Once you book with us, you will get the best recommendations for your taste buds!

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Question: Which resorts have Spas?

Answer: If a day at the Spa is your thing then TCI is the right island for you with some award winning spas to choose from. Parrot Cay by COMO has one of the best spas in the Caribbean and offers a whole new meaning to relaxation and pampering. The spa at The Palms is a staff favorite and is home to several small bungalows in which to have your treatment. Grace Bay Club offers on beach cabanas and there is also an island wide service where you can have any treatment come to your own room for ultimate privacy.

Question: Are resorts in TCI safe?

Answer: TCI is known to be one of the safest Caribbean islands. With the number of visitors versus the reported crimes committed it is considered to be very safe. You must of course always practice safe traveling and common sense to keep valuables hidden and not leave belongings laying around.

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Question: Are there resorts where celebrities go?

Answer: TCI is known to be a getaway for many celebrities. Some of which own homes on the islands such as Bruce Willis, Donna Karen and Keith Richards to name a few. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were married at Parrot Cay by COMO and Courtney Cox was recently at Amanyara. Sports Illustrated recently completed a photo shoot at Grace Bay Club and many pro sports athletes have been seen lounging around the swim up bar at The Palms as well as on the private island pods at the Gansevoort.

Question: Which resorts allow pets?

Answer: Small pets are allowed at Parrot Cay by COMO and the Gansevoort with strict regulations. If you are a pet owner traveling with your pet then we are here to help make your travels easy and hassle free.

Question: Who owns resorts in TCI?

Answer: There are currently no large hotel chains operating in TCI. Many owners are the developers of the resorts themselves residing on the island like The Palms's and The Sand's Hartling Group. Seven stars is also locally owned as well as many others. There are plans invested to bring in some large chains in the coming years.