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TripAdvisor's users have spoken on the best places to eat in Turks and Caicos - the best Provo Restaurants. The immensely popular website is a forum of travellers sharing their own personal experiences with each other and it represents one of the most accurate readings out there of true quality. Rising above the bombardment of advertising and self-promotion, the audience tells it like it is by rating restaurants (along with hotels, activities, and the whole gamut of travel experiences) and sharing their own comments. The ratings are broken down in a summary including Food; Service; Value; and Atmosphere. Out of 98 restaurants on TripAdvisor for Providenciales, these are the top ten beauties that you're just going to have to try for yourself.

Provo Restaurants - Coco Bistro1. Coco Bistro 

Ranked the best restaurant in Turks and Caicos, Coco Bistro is a romantic place offering excellent local cuisine, such as conch stew and green coconut drinks, in generous portions, an original menu, and friendly service. Perfect for special occasions and entertaining clients, Coco Bistro is a foodie heaven - glorious dining among the palm trees on a large deck - that will remain a fond memory and have you salivating.

2. Caicos Bakery

This wonderful French bakery inspires awe among those fortunate enough to taste its fresh and authentic creations. Try the almond croissants and the quiche for a remarkably inexpensive breakfast and a great way to get your day started. The chocolate eclairs and chocolate croissants are to die for. It's a true gem of a place, centrally located and intimate, so get here early in the morning and experience the freshness.

3. Mr. Grouper's Restaurant

Outstanding seafood and excellent service at Mr. Grouper's, where they serve Native American food and local delicacies, preparing some of the best fish ever. Try the coconut crusted grouper and the conch fritters and have your mind blown by the fresh and flavourful taste. The prices are very reasonable and and the staff is super friendly. It's outdoors and late night and a must stop on your trip to Turks and Caicos.

4. Bugaloo's

Bugaloo's is genuine Caribbean cuisine, right on the gorgeous white sand beach and serving some of the greatest food in Provo. Open for breakfast/brunch and late night, they serve the freshest conch in a myriad of incarnations - it's extracted from its shell just steps away from your seat. The ambience is amazing on the shaded patio and with special nights involving live music, you'll love the fun experience at Bugaloo's.

5. Turks Kebab

Come for what many call the best lunch in Turks and Caicos all serving up Mediterranean and Middle Eastern delights. Summoning the spirit of the Greek Islands, this great spot right by Seven Stars Resort offers amazing kebab at an affordable rate. It's like having dinner at a friend's house, one user says, showing the level of service and homestyle cooking of falafel and kebabs.

6. Chinson's Grill Shack

Chinson's is a Caribbean café and bakery that serves up excellent Chinese and Jamaican fare. This BBQ joint creates some tantalizing taste creations with really great jerk and sweet servers that are the opposite of jerks. The DJ spins mellow reggae and everyone is having a blast, soaking up the good life on Provo. The chef and owner is from Newfoundland, for those Canadians out there, and the combo of smoke and spice is perfect.

7. Seven

Auspiciously enough, Seven restaurant comes in at seventh place on the top ten list. Located at the wonderful luxury hotel of Seven Stars Resort on Grace Bay Beach, Seven serves unbelievably tasty international cuisine. World class dining is presented beautifully by excellent knowledgeable staff. Try the seared yellowfin tuna crusted in pistachio and citrus, try the cocktails, and enjoy your evening at this classy restaurant.

8. Sweet T's

This little roadside diner brings in both the locals and the discerning foodies for its unbelievably delicious Caribbean cuisine - especially the fried chicken. The price is right and the down to earth atmosphere in this nondescript building is a great way to experience true Turks and Caicos style.

9. Sailing Paradise

Turks and Caicos sure is a sailing paradise, and this restaurant that hearkens the peaceful concept of sliding along the sea indeed facilitates the sense of paradise. The Caribbean cuisine is super tasty, especially the conch fritters and grouper. The folks are cordial and friendly and it all makes for a superb dining experience. A local treasure and an amazing value.

10. Bay Bistro

Bay Bistro is in the tenth place - though certainly not the least (in fact all of these restaurants could potentially be #1) - and serves up some awesome fish dishes. Many call this the best meal at Grace Bay, where you can get Jerk Lamb Chops and homemade ice cream; where you can come for the best brunch on the island. It's thrilling and it's romantic and it's a must-see on your next trip to Turks and Caicos.

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  1. I like Danny Bouy’s Pub for watching sports. The service is great, the food is good and it’s very relaxing. They went out of their way to make it wonderful during the World Cup. There manager is wonderful providing great fast service!

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