What Makes the Beach House Turks and Caicos so Alluring


It’s been some time since an exciting new property has come to light in the Turks and Caicos Islands. We heard the rumors about the resort, Turks and Caicos Club being sold. We heard the new owners were bringing in a team to newelop a new, chic and sophisticated brand. And we eagerly awaited in anticipation for the unveiling of this new concept in a beach property, the naming of the in-house chef, and what the overall look and feel would be at this wonderful property in need of a heavy face lift…

The wait was worth it!!! The Beach House has indeed brought some excitement back to Grace Bay Beach and the Caribbean with its light and warming chic-ness.
Operations Manager, Gillian Vernice explains what the excitement is all about.
“Aside from being located directly on one of the best beaches in world - Grace Bay Beach - Beach House Turks and Caicos is defined by the lifestyle of being here: relaxing, simplistic and personal. Our staff is dedicated to treating every guest as an individual with unique desires and wishes. Our rooms don’t have numbers, just like we know that each guest wants something different out of their holiday. Through our food and beverage offering, whether it be served on your day bed on the balcony, on the dedicated pampering pod on the beach or in the restaurant, we will give our guests a truly pleasurable experience. ‘No socks allowed’ says it all”.


The new owners of the Beach House concept have taken great care in selecting the staff for their first property. (Beach House Turks and Caicos is said to be the first of several Beach Houses opening in the coming years). With over 60 years of hospitality behind the threesome – Gillian Vernice, Operations Manager –Jean Sebastien Richer, accomplished hotelier and sommelier - Eric Vernice, Chef extraordinaire - there is something exciting to look forward to when planning your trip to the Beach House.
Chef Eric tells us what his vision was when he joined the team.
“Outstanding cooking is founded on the complete understanding of ingredients, their taste and how these tastes work together on a plate. Preparing them with attention to detail is what drives me. I take immense pleasure in tending to my herb garden at Beach House Turks and Caicos because I know that the freshness of these ingredients will delight my guests”.

With a personal style of cooking that looks to harmonize the flavor, scent and appearance of his French influenced dishes, Chef Eric has brought what we believe to be the most exciting culinary adventure to the Caribbean!

Laboratory Table:

If you’ve never heard of this before, read on! When MyTurksAndCaicos first caught word of this new dining concept we nearly booked our flights out that day to simply be the first to experience this delightful culinary adventure.
Chef Eric explains, “We believe that a guest’s imagination sets the limit to what they will experience in a restaurant. The concept of the Laboratory Table – preparing a culinary adventure for the guests based around a certain theme, say a specific country or a certain spice - allows us to take the guest beyond that barrier to a new dimension of enjoyment. We also believe that this enjoyment is not only guaranteed by the food, but also the pairings of beverages and how everything is presented to them. The Laboratory Table celebrates this concept and is completely unique to Turks and Caicos.

With many quirks and trendy sights the Beach House goes just that extra little mile with its service as well as Food & Beverage. Beach House staff will delight guests with fresh towels, cooling drinks and the knowledge of the area when advising on where to go for meals, what activities to try out and what areas to explore. When booking your room, MyTurksAndCaicos staff will advise you on the room that will best suit your needs and the staff on arrival will make sure all your needs/requests and wants will be handled to the utmost standards. Once settled in your luxurious beach front suite, there is no doubt the ‘Pampering Pods’ will be one of your first stops… and we’ve believe may be your only one once you’ve experience it. The Pampering Pods bring a whole new meaning to term ‘being waited on hand and foot’. A luxurious ‘bed’ assigned to your suite only (no leaving towels and worrying about getting up to leave only to come back to have a family lounging on your towels), but yours and yours only for the duration of your stay. With a trendy and high tech concept of offering each guest a newice that will allow them to order drinks and meals electronically from their pod, all without even lifting a hand or foot (ok maybe a little finger) there really is no reason why you should not be booking your trip here right now!

Let’s recap a few things…

The Location
On arguably the nicest and quietest stretch of Grace Bay Beach, without a property directly on either side.
The Suites
One and two bedroom Oceanfront suites have their own private balcony with modern lounge furnishings and the most gorgeous views of the Caribbean Sea you will find. To say a few $$$ book to Gardenview suites and spend your days on the pampering pods starting into the crystal waters, while having a first extra dollars for an amazing in-suite massage.

The Culinary Adventure Sample Menu

Theme Caicos Lobster:

Foie Gras terrine/roasted lobster/haricot vert salad
Hand rolled gnocchi/tomato/white truffle
Grilled lobster/leek fondue/vanilla
Veal tenderloin/butter poached lobster/hon Shemiji
Chef Eric’s Sweet Fireworks

With a slew of slogans and catch phrases like:
- Check-in and Hang Out

- No socks allowed

- Where the rooms have no numbers

There seems to be no other place in the Turks and Caicos Islands or the Caribbean for that matter that is as captivating, inviting and needing to be visited that the Beach House Turks and Caicos.