Retail Distribution Companies

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Retail Distribution Companies

As more and more people purchase their goods through eCommerce retailers, rapid delivery isn't just a luxury anymore; it's a top priority for all retailers and retail distribution companies across the planet. Every online shopper expects to receive their parcels fast nowadays, even with standard delivery, and many of them are opting for overnight delivery. As a result of this fast-paced retail climate, retail distribution companies are turning to Last Mile Logistics for help.

Last Mile Logistics uses the best supply chain models with our proprietary last mile technology to help both retailers and retail distribution firms save money. Cutting costs, getting parcels to customers faster, and optimizing truckloads is only a small part of what we do. As our name implies, Last Mile Logistics is dedicated to solving the last mile problem.

What is the Last Mile Problem for Retail Distributing Companies?

A parcel can travel around the world overnight without incident. Most of the problems that distribution companies encounter, as it relates to getting the right parcels to the right customers when they're due, is in literally the last mile of a shipment. Getting the parcel from the warehouse or distribution center up the road the last mile to the customer's residence is where errors occur, and retailers and retail distributors run into the most expenses.

Last mile problems are costly for all parties. If nothing else, the missed delivery will cause the customer to be very unsatisfied, to put it mildly, almost 100% of the time, which hurts the retailer, which hurts the retail distribution firm. It also costs the retail distributor because they have to deliver the parcel again and they may lose business due to angry retailers. Retailers often have to reimburse or refund their disgruntled customers. Nobody whens when shipments don't get where they belong on time.

Our Goal is to Eliminate Inefficiencies

It all boils down to inefficiencies within the supply chain. Utilizing Last Mile Logistics crowdsourcing technology; retailers, retail distribution companies, and retail customers can quickly connect with non-professional couriers who utilize their own modes of transportation to get parcels to customers when it counts. These sorts of on-demand delivery options also ensure that the customer will be home at the time of delivery. This gets the product to the customer rapidly and almost completely eliminates any need for second and or third delivery attempts.

Last Mile Logistics Remains on the Cutting Edge

As technology continues to evolve every day right before our eyes, it's not too far-fetched to assume that we're right around the corner from seeing drones and self-driving cars dropping off parcels at customers' residences. Whatever the case; you can rely on Last Mile Logistics to be right on the cutting edge of the latest industry technology, providing invaluable solutions to our clients.

Contact Last Mile Logistics today if you'd like to explore our retail distribution solutions and see how our proprietary technology can benefit your enterrprise. 

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