Kiteboarding is one of the world's fastest growing water sports and it's appeal is huge. The warm and clear waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands are the ideal setting to set out kiteboarding. Year round warm waters and cooling NE-SE trade winds are a kiteboarders dream.

Turks and Caicos Most Popular Kiteboarding Tours
Half Moon Bay Kiteboarding Adventure
This serious kiteboarding 2 hour session will take you through the mangrove cays and channels, across the turquoise ocean to some hidden "back country" stashes. Guides are there to help you along and make your tour an epic adventure.

Certified Operator: Big Blue Unlimited
Big Blue Unlimited specializes in group excursions and customized private charters and tours in Turks and Caicos. In operation for almost 15 years, Big Blue's commitment to education and minimal environmental impact continues to form its core philosophy. Their innovative charter program allows them to customize the needs of their discerning clientele, and consistently provide top of the line service and experiences for their guests.