Turks and Caicos Kayak Tours

Experience the wonders of kayaking through clear Caribbean water. The Turks and Caicos Islands offer both the beginner and the avid kayaker a range of amazing areas to explore such as the vibrant mangrove channels, home to many species of colorful birds and fish. Using boats and trailers, the kayaks can be transported across the archipelago to begin paddling almost anywhere. Explore off the beaten path into the wilderness of the remote cays, mangroves and tidal creeks. Many of these kayak destinations are also suitable for SUPs and can include snorkeling as well.

Turks and Caicos Most Popular Kayak Tours

Half Day Kayak Eco Tour

By far the most popular kayak trip, this is an excellent introduction to the geography and ecology of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Suitable for the whole family and with beginners welcome, explore some vibrant mangrove channels and go over to Little Water Cay for a tour of the iguana sanctuary and onto a spectacular beach for a relaxing swim and a walk. Not just about the beauty and exercise, be prepared to learn about the marine, bird and plant life that you encounter.

Length: 4 hours
Price: Adults $115; Children 5 - 12 $75; Under 5 $35

Full Day Snorkel / Kayak Adventure

A very active trip, this adventure combines three of the best activities in Turks and Caicos; a boat ride, some kayaking and snorkeling. Take a boat ride up the Caicos Cays to the Island of North Caicos where you will then jump into your kayaks and paddle into a Wetland Reserve. Enjoy the serenity as you explore the marine and bird life. Back on the boat, take a short trip to one of the small cays where you will enjoy a picnic lunch, a stroll on the beach, and some time exploring the coral reefs. Make a few stops along the way for some snorkeling and your day will be complete!

Length: Approximately 6 hours
Price: Adults $225; Children 5 - 12 $165

Certified Operator: Big Blue Unlimited
Big Blue Unlimited specializes in group excursions and customized private charters and tours in Turks and Caicos. In operation for almost 15 years, Big Blue's commitment to education and minimal environmental impact continues to form its core philosophy. Their innovative charter program allows them to customize the needs of their discerning clientele, and consistently provide top of the line service and experiences for their guests.