Authentic Turks and Caicos Resorts Consider Joining Canada

Grace Bay Club Turks and Caicos ResortsIn case you haven't heard, Turks and Caicos is in discussions to join Canada, again. The last time this idea was on the table, some government leaders were talking about a merger with Nova Scotia, who proposed inviting the Caribbean nation into their fold. Now, a decade later, talks are underway to incorporate Turks and Caicos as a province of its own. While at this point we're still far from anything concrete or even formal, the implications for Canada or Turks and Caicos remain to be seen. Although dream and visualize we will.

Peter Goldring, MP for Edmonton and the main man behind the proposal, argues that a union between Canada and the idyllic and relatively unknown Caribbean Islands would promote newelopment in Turks and Caicos. Exactly what type of 'newelopment' also remains to be seen. Would this mean more Canadian investors neweloping property on the islands, at the expense of locally owned and operated properties? Would Grace Bay Beach find several Tim Horton's rising up from its white sands? Turks and Caicos is currently part of the Commonwealth; and if this merger were to happen, it would be the first British overseas territory to join Canada since Newfoundland and Labrador in 1949. Would this result in folks from Turks and Caicos working the Northern Alberta oil-sands, like the Newfies, while all Canadians enjoy more affordable holidays to the islands? As long as we support sustainability, the merger would certainly be a boon for connecting Canadians with hands-down one of the most beautiful places in the world.

It's mostly conjecture, at this point. All we know for sure is that Turks and Caicos Resorts are perfection defined.West Bay Club Turks and Caicos ResortsGrace Bay Beach is consistently ranked #1 best beach in the world by tourism professionals who know their stuff. And, as such, all but five of our properties are located right on Grace Bay Beach. We offer something for everybody, whether it's a five-star luxury resort catering to your every whim or a budget boutique hotel. While all-inclusive resorts are available, the idea here in Turks and Caicos is to be more interactive and off the proverbial treadmill. The experience is one of authenticity, in contrast to something like Cancun where the idealized beach vacation elements are reappropriated and represented into something more resembling Disney World. For some folks looking for an escape, that zoo of a vacation is just the thing. But for the discerning guests who seek a genuine connection to bliss and beauty and the true spirit of Caribbean good vibes, Turks and Caicos is the place.

Imagine your resort is smack dab on the world's best beach, the type of atmosphere that inspires our computer wallpaper fantasies; and the colours, senses, and vibrations have you feeling right harmonious. The waves wash ashore and the sunbeams shine through the palm fronds into the ornate gardens and poolside sanctuaries of the Turks and Caicos Resorts. All the surrounding shapes and angles help perfectly radiate peace - inspiring you to take action and dive into the warm sea and explore the aquatic paradise with a variety of engaging water sport activities. Connect deeper to your higher self through seaside yoga, as easy as walking the path from your room to the beach. The stillness of the pools reflecting the stillness of your mind - and spa sessions to revitalize and relax even deeper. It's ultimately a celebration of life: a vivid experience of the present moment. Appreciating the sunset from the suites and villas, you feel that gratitude fill you up. Downright harmonious. This is Turks and Caicos.

Check out our video for a taste of the tropics and be transported into the authentic charm of Turks and Caicos Resorts.