Christmas in the Turks and Caicos Islands

With temperatures averaging between 80 to 84 degrees from November to May, it is not surprising why many travelers decide to spend their winter holidays in the the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos. Advanced planning is therefore a must for travelers wishing to visit during the Christmas vacation period, which is considered to be peak season and hotels fill up very quickly. Christmas in the Caribbean indeed can be a wonderful time to escape from the cold and frost and enjoy mild climates with an exotic vacation like no other.

Christmas in the Caribbean is characterized by sunshine, warm tropical weather and great festivals and activities. No more wearing four layers of clothing and freezing just to go to visit the mailbox for Christmas cards! Also, being composed by a large catholic population, Christmas in Turks and Caicos is a much anticipated holiday celebrated in a whole new way that will prove to be quite memorable. Christmas beach parties, celebrations and contests galore such as the Island Thyme Bistro Annual Christmas Tree Ornament Competition in Salt Cay.

Unlike the traditional chain stores in North America, a Christmas vacation in Turk and Caicos will offer unique stores and shopping experiences with plenty of great Christmas shopping bargains. And best of all, on the islands travelers will expect to find a nice array of non-traditional gifts to bring to all the loved ones left at home.

Christmas day on the islands boasts a totally different scenery offering a totally different experience. Instead of waking up on Christmas day and seeing a blanket of snow covering the yard visitors will get to admire the sun rising against the turquoise sea from the comfort of their hotel room. Turks and Caicos hotels offer a nice array of amenities for those seeking out some much deserved luxury and comfort. It is no secret why the islands draw numerous tourists during Christmas time! If you are planning your stay at Turks and Caicos make sure you book your Turks and Caicos hotels early so to reserve a spot and enjoy the warm sunshine on Christmas day!