Enjoy Turks and Caicos Spectacular Beaches

Visiting Turks and Caicos is like entering another world, where white sandy beaches stretch on endlessly and the turquoise blue sea gently laps over the third largest coral reef in the world. These islands are the perfect destination for those looking for relaxation, rejuvenation, and the simple beauty of nature.

When trying to choose which of the many Turks and Caicos resorts to stay in, one thing to consider is what your vacation is about. Do you want to stay on the best beach around? If so, you’ll be looking at staying on Grace Bay, recently voted The World’s #1 Beach by Conde Nast Traveler. Found on the island of Providenciales, Grace Bay is 12 miles of gorgeous, powder soft sand surrounded by crystal clear water. While this area has seen hotels built along it’s periphery, there are still many long stretches of beach that remain peaceful and unoccupied.

While it doesn’t hold the coveted title of “best beach”, Sandy Point is very nearly perfect. Located on the North Caicos island, this beach has recently seen some hotel development, allowing more travelers to enjoy its many beauties. Travelers will find lush foliage on the island and it is home to a large flamingo population as well. While the island is good for fishing, travelers must bring their own gear.

For those interested in finding Turks and Caicos resorts with great scuba diving available, Grand Turk is perfect. This island is widely agreed known for having some of the best diving in the world. There is an amazing protected coral reef that is close enough to the shore for beach dives and goes down to an 8,000 foot depth, providing excellent diving and snorkeling. The island is also home to The Turks and Caicos National Museum which showcases artifacts from 1513′s Molasses Reef Wreck.

There truly is something for every type of traveler on these islands. This is the Caribbean as it was meant to be.