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Parrot Cay

Let's face it; right about now, we could all benefit from a tropical island getaway. We all know this, yet there often seems to be something that gets in the way of our actually doing it. Some people make excuses and act like life is too busy for a vacation. (These are the people that need a vacation the most). Then there's the people who wistfully spin a globe and daydream about traveling to wherever their finger lands. Some people overplan vacations and leave no room for spontaneity or flexibility to uncontrollable changes. Others don't plan at all and simply count on winging it. You may or may not resonate with one of those travel personality types, but the bottom line is that a tropical island getaway helps reduce stress -- and a thoughtfully planned vacation package organized by destination experts can eliminate stress altogether.

Parrot Cay Resort reminds us of several important things: 1) Balancing work and relaxation leads to more productivity and efficiency; 2) Consider your fingertip lucky if it lands on Turks and Caicos; 3) While goals and plans are the main ingredients, spontaneity is the spice of life; 4) You can count on Parrot Cay helping to make your vacation truly special; and 5) These packages at Parrot Cay will have your unnecessary stress levels taking a permanent vacation of their own.

Parrot Cay Family Package

Family Package

Parrot Cay welcomes families to their luxurious Caribbean sanctuary. The private island retreat is the perfect place for your family: mom and dad will love it just as much as kids of all ages, with a veritable treasure trove of wonderful activities to experience and memories to be made. Get away from it all and be together as a family. Whether you stay for three, five, or seven nights, you have the choice of a number of included activities. Look into the options that are right for you and your crew.

Three Nights: Choice of 1 activity;  Five Nights: Choice of 2 activities; Seven Nights: Choice of 4 activities

  • Excursion to Iguana Island & Snorkelling
  • Visit to Sand Dollar Island & Snorkelling
  • Sailing Lesson for Family (suitable for children 12 years old and over)
  • Windsurfing Lesson for Family (suitable for children 12 years old and over)
  • Family Castaway Picnic
  • 2-hours Babysitting Session
  • 1-hour Family Cookery Class

parrot-cay-packages-turks-caicos-islands-romantic-sunsetRomance Package

Be romantic with your sweetheart at one of the most gorgeous and seductive spots on Earth. Celebrate love at its purest at Parrot Cay Resort and strengthen your heart bond with the Romance Package. Included with all room categories is a half-day Spa Cottage Experience to experience bliss and beauty together. In addition, for guests staying in a Private Beach House or Villa, a complimentary choice of activities is offered as followers:

Three Nights: Choice of 1 activity;  Five Nights: Choice of 2 activities; Seven Nights: Choice of 4 activities

  • Romantic private lunch or candle-lit dinner in Tiki Hut
  • 1 X Private Yoga class for two
  • Excursion to Iguana Island & Snorkelling
  • Visit to Sand Dollar Island & Snorkelling
  • Private Dinner in Beach House or Villa
  • Romantic Castaway Picnic

Parrot Cay Spa Package

Discover COMO Shambhala

The Discover COMO Shambhala Spa Package will put you completely at peace and in harmony with your higher self and feeling connected with it all. The package includes a certain number of hour-long massages from a selected menu (depending on the length of your stay), as well as 10% discount on all other Spa Treatments at the COMO Shambhala Retreat.

Three Nights: 2 X 60-minute massages per person;  Five Nights: 3 X 60-minute massages per person; Seven Nights: 4 X 60-minute massages per person


  •   Accommodation
  •   Complimentary Daily Breakfast
  •   3 Course Lunch & Dinner (excluding beverages) daily
  •   Complimentary Daily Afternoon Tea served in the Resort Library
  •   Complimentary Airport Transfer for Scheduled Commercial Flights
  •   Complimentary Fruit Basket daily
  •   Bottle of Champagne on arrival
  •   Complimentary Wi-Fi
  •   Participation in Complimentary Scheduled Activities (Yoga & Pilates)
  •   Complimentary Non-Motorized Water Sport Activities (Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, Windsurfing)
  •   11% Government tax and 10% service charge included
  •   Additional inclusions as indicated below

For more information, read: Your Private Island Getaway at Parrot Cay -- Or check out the Parrot Cay Resort page!


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  1. I was lucky enough to have been invited here for a day trip but unfortunate that I didn’t spend the night! And you really need to stay at least a week to fully rejuvenate! I can’t say enough about this place, the food is amazing, the ambiance is so serene you will feel completely healed and ready for your hectic life back home after your stay. Having traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and Mediterranean this is definitely in my top 3 favorite paradise spots!

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