Perfect Day at Parrot Cay Turks and Caicos

Magnetizing yourself for the perfect vacation in Turks and Caicos involves visualizing the perfect day. Focus on the details, in all their sensory glory, and you'll attract that experience into your life. Browsing photos, reading stories, and watching Caribbean Clint videos of the destination will help you create the ideal trip as you add your own personalized touch. To help you get you started on imagining your dream vacation, here's my perfect day at Parrot Cay - one of the most perfect dream resorts in Turks and Caicos.

Wake up in your dreamy bed after a restful sleep in your one-bedroom beach villa, finding yourself here on the private island resort of Parrot Cay. The warm sea salt breeze floats in through the open window and gently flutters the four-poster bed's white voile draping. You step out into the sunshine's embrace on the verandah and are greeted with the joyful song of birds and the turquoise radiance of the Caribbean washing ashore the white sand beach. Savor a breakfast of fresh fruit next to your private plunge pool and take an early morning dip. You're here for an holistic approach to mental quietude, physical well-being and spiritual balance - and you feel it already.

Start your day connected and centered at the COMO Shambhala Retreat with a yoga class in the open-air pavilion. Feel yourself becoming more energized, whether you're in a group class, a private lesson, or a five-day yoga retreat. If Pilates is more your style, visualize yourself going through the motions with the ocean spread out and sparkling before you. Go for a light Caribbean-influenced lunch at Lotus, dressed in your beach gear, to bask in the relaxed yet sophisticated style of this alfresco poolside restaurant. The food is exquisite, fresh and organic.

Nourished from that amazing meal, sit down for a meditation. If you're new to meditation or are seeking further guidance, private tutors are available to help you learn the healing powers of this ancient art. Focus on the sensations of your mind-body connection, remaining equanimous and aware of life's impermanence as you learn to free yourself of aversion and craving. Mindful of the eternal present, embracing each magnificent moment at Parrot Cay with deep appreciation and gratitude.

Charged up from your meditation, take a bicycle and explore the island. Find the perfect secluded beach to lay down on a blanket and watch the world go by. When you feel so inclined, pull your snorkel and flippers from your backpack and swim out into the warm sea to observe a vibrant underwater world of colorful fish and their coral apartments. Head back to the Spa to pamper yourself with some rejuvenating Asian-inspired treatments like Ayurveda and aromatherapy - then soak in the Japanese baths. The intuitive therapists are among the best in the world and will ensure you are completely harmonized and blissfully vibrating.

For dinner, stroll over to The Terrace for Mediterranean-inspired Turks and Caicos dining with a focus on Italian cuisine. You're among friends and love and laughter and enjoying one of the best meals you've ever tasted. Life is G O O D. Enjoy the stillness. Enjoy the peace. Enjoy the tranquility. Retire to your villa and listen to the water lapping the beach, the sky filled with an abundance of twinkling stars and a big pregnant moon. You reflect on the day, on its perfection, and you make love to the night.