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Regent Palms PoolHow To Be A Regent

“The only thing we specialize in is luxury, and the only thing our hotels have in common is the fact that they are all unique.” - Robert H. Burns, founder of Regent Hotels

Regent, from the latin word regens which means 'to reign' signifies a person selected to act as head of state due to the absence of a ruler. Guests of the Regent Hotel indeed feel as if they've received such an honorary title, as they're treated like royalty and granted the freedom and power of choice to experience the ultimate in luxury. With this frame of mind, one could almost call their stay a regency, referring to the period of rule of a regent. So come make your tropical vacation a proper regency at the Regent Palms Turks and Caicos.

The Regent Legend

Regent Hotels leads the charge, in many ways, for five-star hotels around the world. For more than 40 years, the Asian-based Regent brand has been expanding with its unshakeable conviction in simple elegance, sophistication and traditional hospitality that raises the bar for what is possible with a luxury resort experience. The flagship Regent Hong Kong quickly became known as one of the world's most admirable and glamorous properties, spawning such hotels over the years as the historic Regent Beverly Wilshire and the ultra-chic Regent New York (which was re-branded as Four Seasons after an acquisition of several Regent hotels in 1992). After being purchased by Carlson Hospitality Group that neweloped a Regent cruise-line, ownership returned home to Asia in 2010: the same year Robert H. Burns, the original founder of Regent International Hotels, returned as Honorary Chairman. A New Yorker who grew up working in the Waldorf-Astoria, Burns is a legendary figure who is integral to the continued success of this iconic brand.

The official Regent website focuses on the Experience of staying at a Regent hotel with poetic language. It speaks of guests encountering "a unique mosaic of feelings, colours, textures and impressions that whisper, infer, suggest, invite, but seldom hector." Indeed, each Regent hotel emphasizes the unique vibrancy of the local culture in which it resides, creating a sanctuary that seamlessly bends the very best of East and West; of past and future. You experience a genuine sense of place and an innate understanding of where you are in the world. The Regent branding is very feeling based, appealing to the artistic side of the brain which highlights the intuitive, emotionally-attuned service that guests have come to expect. There is a veritable mood that you enter as you embark upon your regency; a mood that rejuvenates as it inspires. 

Regent Palms Turks and Caicos

Consistent with the authentic luxury experience of the Regent name, the Palms on Providenciales is an exercise in total bliss and beauty. The 72-suite resort rises from the white sands of Grace Bay Beach (the world's best beach) where the turquoise waters of the Caribbean sparkles like a blanket of diamonds. As a guest here you feel like a visiting dignitary, perhaps a king or queen, prince or princess. Here at the Regent Palms, it's max-pampering and sensual indulgence defined: a true feast for the senses. And as we've previously discussed, it's the mood you feel during your 'regency' that really fills this place with wonder. It's the transcendent spirit within the body of a supermodel, if I dare make the analogy. And I do. Come watch our man Caribbean Clint's personal tour videos at Regent Palms Turks and Caicos and say, "I do" to the world's finest vacation.

Current Deals: 

Rates: From $699 a night based on two people
Travel: May 1 - Aug 30, 2014
Includes: Luxury accommodation, 3 meals per day, unlimited beverages by the glass, airport transfers, and much more.

EVERY 3RD NIGHT FREE + $50 Daily Resort Credit
Valid: One, Two, Three Bedroom Suites
Travel: May 1 - June 30, 2014

EVERY 4TH NIGHT FREE + $50 Daily Resort Credit
Valid: One, Two, Three Bedroom Suites
Travel: Jul 1 - Dec 19, 2014

Rates From: $399/Night
Travel: Now - Dec 19, 2014

Regent Palms Pool Area

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Regent Palms Turks and Caicos Awards

  • 2013/2012 - Ranked as one of "World's Best Hotels" by Condé Nast Traveler Gold List: 89.3 Rating 
  • 2011 - "Leading Hotel in Turks and Caicos" at 18th Annual World Travel Awards
  • 2011 - Ranked second among all spas in Atlantic and Caribbean by Condé Nast Traveler's Readers Poll
  • 2011 - Ranked as one of Best 500 Hotels in the World by Travel + Leisure.

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