The Cruise Ship Terminal in Grand Turk

One of the most popular stops on vacation cruises of the Turks and Caicos Islands, Grand Turk is a small island with a variety of tourist attractions. For passengers of a luxury Caribbean cruise ship, there are numerous gift shops and boutiques in the main shopping plaza at the cruise terminal. Brightly colored buildings, these shops sell everything from tacky trinkets to exclusive diamond jewelry. Just a short walk from the terminal is a stretch of sandy beach which is often crowded with holidaymakers who have taken the opportunity to disembark and take a dip in the deep blue seas.

Grand Turk is small enough that the entire island can be explored within one day and for those luxury Caribbean cruise passengers who have enough time, there is a taxi rank located in the terminal or for the more adventurous, golf carts for hire. Just a 15 minute drive from the terminal is the main town on Grand Turk where there is a museum, hotels and shops lining the small quiet island streets. For those wanting an authentic taste of the Turks and Caicos Islands, this is the ideal location.

As part of a Turks and Caicos vacation, the island is an ideal stop for a day of relaxation. A place of contrasts, the sleepy atmosphere of the island’s main town is juxtaposed by the vibrant party atmosphere of the cruise terminal. Almost all Turks and Caicos vacation cruises include a stop here and it is easy to see why. The island may be small but it has everything a person could need from golden beaches and clear waters to a busy shopping area brimming with life. Even if visitors only have time to visit the cruise ship terminal, the trip to this laid back island will be a memorable one.