Tiki Hut Cabana Bar and Grill

Located at the marina, The Tiki Hut at Turtle Cove is one of the best places to find a good meal and drinks on the island of Providenciales, part of the popular Turks and Caico Islands. It also modestly priced, which is important for this popular and increasingly expensive tourist attraction. The Tiki Hut at Turtle Cove may offer cheap food that is easy on the budget, but the quality is excellent. Plus, the environment is fun and family friendly. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner through the week, and adds breakfast on weekends.

It is one of the best options for cheap food on the entire island. Customers report that the serving sizes are plentiful. The menu is varied and includes delicious and creative appetizers, salads, sandwiched, burgers, main entrees, seafood, pastas, vegetarian options and tempting desserts. The Tiki Hut is well known for its chicken and rib night on Wednesdays making it a local and tourist favorite. Conch dishes are served in just about every restaurant on the island, but the best are known to come from here. People rave about the conch fritters and salad. One of the most popular dessert items is the Banana Zango, which combines banana, cheesecake and caramel inside a tortilla covered with cinnamon. All topped by delicious, premium Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Service also gets high remarks for the speed and attentiveness of wait staff. The atmosphere is casual, and many seats face the beauty of the marina where guests can watch boats light up the night. There is a separate bar seating area, but anything on the menu can be served. Drinks are tall and relatively inexpensive. Many exhibit a local flair and feature creative names/ingredients. All together, the experience here is worth the small price paid for great food and excellent service. If anything, give the rib night a try!