On Planning Your Trip to Turks and Caicos

trip to turks and caicos
If you've ever even seen a picture of Turks and Caicos, perhaps on a screensaver or on a Best Beaches in the Galaxy highlight reel, chances are you want to visit. Chances are you're naturally attracted to its natural tropical island beauty and pulled in by its magnetism to experience the unparalleled majesty that is the Turks and Caicos Islands. There's just something so special about this wonderful land of palm trees and white sand beaches and chill people and gorgeous luxury resorts. While not everyone in the world will ever get the opportunity to experience it first hand (in fact most of the world won't), this makes your chance to visit here that much more rare and special. So once the seed has been planted it's time to water that beautiful bud into the vacation of a lifetime. And in order to do this, one must be prepared. One must prepare mentally and physically and well basically just have a plan of action to make it happen. The first step is in the visualization and the focus and the intent, and the belief that you're just going to make it happen. That it's your destiny. Then it's all just details. Important details nonetheless.

So once you've decided to visit Turks and Caicos and not any of the other islands, of which there are many other beauties (but none quite like TCI, in our humble yet slightly biased but experienced opinion), it's time hone in on the smaller points of purpose - such as where the heck to stay! That's where My Turks and Caicos comes in, as the ultimate authority on the subject, here to help you find the best of the best - but more importantly, the perfect vacation for your unique situation and desires.

So some preliminary aspects to think about before we decide on the perfect resort or hotel:

  • Who is accompanying you on this wonderful excursion into the heart of the Caribbean? Will it be a family trip, in which case kids clubs and family friendly activities must be considered; a dreamy getaway with your significant other, in which case you'll want the most romantic options; or are you on a business trip or a solo traveller? Whatever it is there's just the thing for you that awaits patiently like a diamond in the rough.
  • What activities are you going to want to get involved with? Scuba diving or golfing or sailing or hiking or museum and art gallery exploring? Some places offer better packages for activities but generally you're gonna be set up at any option you choose. However, we can bundle up your entire vacation for you so you've got absolutely no worries while you're there in the islands.
  • How long will your trip be? The length of your stay can determine what kind of killer deals we can hook you up with. Also the time you go will determine the best deals as well, since the summer low season is obviously better rates usually than winter high season. But there's pros and cons of each season.
  • How much are you looking to spend? We offer several star categories all hand-picked to
  • How much are you budgeting? Take into account your expenses on activities and dinners, as there are few all-inclusive resorts here and some restaurants are rather expensive, although conch shack road stands are a great way to save a few bucks on meals. Transportation will of course be a major factor, with flights being much more pricy coming from the west coast than the east. And you'll want to do at least one spa day while you're on vacation, so factor that into the equation as well.
  • Make a spending plan, look for savings on package deals, and remember to always barter for the best prices on the islands. Consider spending money for golfing, casinos, and nightlife and entertainment. Once you've got it roughly calculated, you're good to go. Now all you have to do is pick that perfect accommodation.