Primo Pools in Turks and Caicos

Regent Palms Turks and Caicos Pool Sunset

For many vacationers visiting a tropical resort, the best part of the experience is the pool. Many resorts and designed around the pool as a focal point, a gorgeous gathering area to come and soak up the good life. Lounging in chairs poolside, sipping a cold beverage, basking in the sun. When it gets too hot you slip into the water for a refreshing dip to cool off. This is the life. You can walk a few meters to the white sand beach and go for a swim in the salty sea, feeling the gentle waves lift you up and down, the majestic power of the ocean and you floating in it as if you're in zero-gravity outer space. The nice thing is to have choice, and before you're able to choose between the Caribbean sea and the pool, you'll have to choose which resort to stay at. Then once you've decided between these most primo pools in Turks and Caicos, once you've arrived at your dream destination, the only big decision is what to eat and drink. No worries when you're in that wonderful laid-back state of flow.


The pool at Gansevoort is the focal point and central zone where groovy lounge music pumps and the ambience is super chill with a more energetic laid-back vibe. The 91-room resort wraps around the pool with windows either looking out at the pool itself or directly to the ocean. The infinity pool is part of a 7,000 square foot chill zone where beautiful people stretch out on daybeds beneath umbrellas and on the exclusive island pods that seem to float on on the water's surface. The staff are there to bring you whatever you may need to make your experience even better, from cocktails and frozen snacks to cold towels. This is heaven.

The Regent Palms

Regent Palms pool bars in turks and caicos

This five-star dream resort was recently voted the Caribbean's Most Luxurious, and when you visit you will realize why. It truly is breathtaking and takes outstanding service and amenities to the next level, with the staff going above and beyond to provide a perfect experience with just the right amount of attention and anticipation of your needs. Not only are the rooms and suites regal and elegant and entirely comfortable, the infinity pool is one of the coolest around. The multi-million-dollar freshwater pool is serpentine designed in that it winds and weaves its way along the wooden deck and looks out towards the sea with a vanishing point that seems to connect you with the horizon. There's a great island hot tub, seeming to float and bubble within the rest of the calm pool. There's also one of the best pool bars in Turks and Caicos, with in-water seating booths to enjoy the tastebud-tantalizing Caribbean cuisine without ever leaving the water.

Seven Stars Resort 

Seven Stars Resort offers one hell of a pool that is perfect for relaxing in and/or around. Soak up the days laying poolside where the vibe is wonderfully designed to create that sense of total bliss and beauty. Lay back and kick it in big cozy loungers and daybeds and enjoy your vacation completely. Or roll just steps away towards the beach where you can bask it up as well. Then come back to the mosaic-tiled work of art that is the pool and hit up the Sand Dollar Grill  where you can dine poolside on absolutely delicious cuisine and perfectly mixed beverages.

Grace Bay Club

pool bars in turks and caicos Grace Bay Club

Grace Bay Club was the original luxury hotel in TCI and as a historic player in the resort realm, they know what they're doing. They've had years of experience at creating the optimal guest experience, with all the details taken care of and well thought out to provide that sense of dream vacation. The pool is simply gorgeous and will be just beckoning you to come jump in and cool off. The Poolside Bar offers excellent drinks with their rum bar featuring over 40 different Caribbean rums. Then there's the Infiniti Bar which at 90' is the longest bar in the Caribbean (and first infinity-edge bar in the world). It stretches out from the GBC out over the white sands of Grace Bay Beach.

Bacaju Villa

Bacaju Turks and Caicos Infinity POol

For those of you looking for a more private pool experience, the Bacaju Villa is pretty hard to beat. Perched up on a hill above the sea on 13 acres of rolling vibrant land, this five-bedroom villa is a masterpiece. Inside the villa is nonstop luxury with grand and stylish amenities and special touches that create an aura of magnificence. And outside you'll find the twin pools that stretch around the villa protectively, curving and cascading into each other in masterful feng shui to an entirely peaceful effect. And as you float in your infinity pool, soaking up the finest aspects of life itself, you edge between pool and sea disappears and you feel as if you're floating on your own private island in the sky.