On the To Do List for your Turks and Caicos Vacation – the Infiniti Bar at the Grace Bay Club

For the ultimate upscale Caribbean vacation there can be no denying that the best place to visit is Turks and Caicos. The relaxed environment, lavish resorts and stunning shorelines set the scene for the best beach vacation destination in the Caribbean Sea. If you are planning a holiday in Turks and Caicos there is one attraction that you should be sure not to miss. The Infiniti Bar at the Grace Bay Club is a breathtaking display that all visitors to the island of Providenciales should be sure to enjoy.

What is the Inifiniti Bar?
The Infiniti Bar is the longest bar found in the entire Caribbean. The metal bar stretches from the Grace Bay Club Resort right into the sand and the gently crashing waves of the sea. The bar is truly one of a kind and allows visitors the opportunity to dig their toes in the sand while enjoying a delicious meal or sipping on an exquisite cocktail. Visit during the day to fully enjoy the design of the long bar stretching seemingly forever into the ocean as well as at night when the entire space is lit with candles and a romantic aura.

Drinking at Dining at the Infiniti Bar
Although most visitors on holiday in Turks and Caicos head to the Infiniti Bar simply to admire the design you should be sure to stop and enjoy the delicious food and tasty cocktails as well. The special is without a doubt the small plates of tapas offered on the menu. The creative ingredients take ordinary appetizers to a new level. The desserts are similarly unique and a favorite is the option to roast your very own gourmet marshmallows at the table and dip them into rich sauces. Be sure to make Turks and Caicos reservations for the Infiniti Bar in advance to guarantee seating.

Other Attractions at Grace Bay Club
Grace Bay Beach is well over twelve miles long and the Grace Bay Club is situated right in the middle, making it one of the best beach vacation destinations on the island of Providenciales. Make your Turks and Caicos reservations to be able to enjoy golfing, horseback riding, snorkeling or kayaking at the club.