Private Beach Drops in Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos Beach DropYour Own Piece of Paradise

The Turks and Caicos Islands are consistently ranked as the #1 most desirable beach destination in the Caribbean and even the world - and their romantic ambience makes it a highly desired honeymoon or anniversary location. In addition to the pure beauty of the place, there are many things to do that provide both the ultimate in luxury and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We're going to recommend a game-plan strategy for a very special occasion. Take notes and surprise your sweetheart with a private beach drop on a secluded beach. It will be the cherry on top of your already phenomenal vacation at one of our luxurious resorts. Its seductive atmosphere enables the true essence of Turks and Caicos to radiate as you experience the ultimate relaxation in your own piece of paradise.

The Planning:

Visualize yourself here and make it so. Make plans in advance, before you even board your flight, so you can ensure it all goes perfectly according to your desires. Pick the day and time that works best with your busy vacation schedule of relaxation, dining, spa treatments, etc. We recommend doing it at the end of the trip as the ideal surprise - just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any better. Let our destination experts at My Turks and Caicos book it all for you through our favorite providers, Big Blue Unlimited who know how to facilitate some amazing times.

The Preparation:

Once the big day has arrived, tell your partner who you're surprising that you're going on a special day-long picnic, then load up on supplies from the nearby grocery store, Graceway Gourmet. Pack your picnic basket with sandwiches, fresh fruit, some potato chips, and a 6-pack of Corona and a bottle of bubbly. Your Captain will pick you up at your hotel and place the picnic basket into a cooler filled with ice. Now if you'd rather have Big Blue pack your picnic, it is included in the price so make plans to bring your own if you wish to customize.

Turks and Caicos Beach Drop

The Big Day:

After a quick shuttle to the marina you'll be out on the water within minutes and traveling across the azure waters of the Caribbean en route to your secluded beach. Your friendly Captain will fill you in on the details about your private island for the day and the excitement should be quite big by this point. One thing you'll learn about is Umbrella Etiquette: Umbrellas pointed down towards the water means the Captain stays away from shore and you and your sweetheart have some well appreciated private time together. Think of it like the Beach Escape version of a sock on the door. When you're ready to be picked up, point the umbrella up and away from the sea and the Captain will motor over to pick you up.

The Good Captain will anchor and help your supplies ashore and then it's just the two of you: two comfy beach chairs, a cooler full of treats, and your trusty umbrella. The deserted beach looks like something out of a movie, with sparkling Caribbean water stretching off as far as the eye can see and white sand to dig your feet into and appreciate the good life. Few boats, if any, will cross your path far off in the distance and you'll feel like the only two people around for miles - because you are. The water is so warm and calm and the scene just radiates the ultimate in bliss, beauty, and serenity.

TUrks and Caicos Beach DropThe Magic of Nature and the Beauty of Bliss

One of the things we love about the Turks and Caicos Islands is observing the weather as it moves around in its nature dance, far out at sea but rarely ever comes close enough to bother you on your vacation. With an unobstructed front row view you may have the chance at watching clouds form and dump rain out in the distance -- with the clear sky above you and the warm Caribbean sun on your skin. It is truly a magic experience that will leave you with a far greater appreciation for the islands, with its trademark vibe that will sink into your very spirit.

After your amazing four to six hours, signal with the umbrella that you're ready to leave and journey back to your home away from home. Making a very nice touch to the end of your trip, the boat will pull right up to your resort. You walk across the sand and into your room at the end of one unforgettably beautiful day on your own private island.

Turks Beach Drop

Looking to up the ante on your marriage proposal or honeymoon surprise? The Destination Experts at My Turks and Caicos will be thrilled to help you plan the most romantic occasion possible. 

The Private Beach Escape can be added onto any Vacation Package, starting at $500 per couple.

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