Shore Club Turks and Caicos: Resort Coming Soon

Just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get any better, the paradise islands of Turks and Caicos are poised to become even dreamier. Rising out of the white sands of Long Bay Beach like a monument to the spirit of luxury travel itself, the Shore Club Resort is on its way to completion - and discerning travelers the world over are lining up for a chance to experience its splendor.

Shore Club is the sophomore project of the Hartling Group, the resort visionaries who brought us The Sands on Grace Bay and the Regent Palms. As you may be aware, these two resorts are absolute legends in the realm of luxury travel, brilliant beacons of opulence and pleasure. For the past fifteen years, Hartling Group has helped lead the way forward and were vital in developing Turks and Caicos into then dreamscape we know today as one of the world’s top vacation destinations. And with the third resort coming soon, the buzz here is palpable - and the excitement well merited.
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It’s slated to be bigger and better than its predecessor, the Regent Palms, an achievement that will be nothing short of impressive considering its current scale of grandeur. The real estate is more than twice the size of Regent. The Spa at Shore Club, too, is set to outshine the Regent Spa – another amazing feat since its not only the best in Turks and Caicos but one of the top spas in the Caribbean. So get ready. Prepare yourself mentally, physically, spiritually; whatever you need to do. Because
this is going to be awesome.

Construction is currently underway on this latest and greatest addition to the hallowed real estate of Providenciales. In charge of the construction financing and management is DECCO, the well-respected and experienced company out of the Cayman Islands, known for building masterpieces like the Camana Bay in Grand Cayman. With this tremendous asset teaming up with the powerhouse Hartling Group, the stage is set for magic to happen here in Turks and Caicos (the islands, of course, bringing their own style of magic to assist in the creation of what is sure to be a wonderland of total bliss and beauty).
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Shore Club is rapidly materializing, as if from another dimension of Utopian frequencies, and appearing proud on Provo’s Long Bay Beach. Right around the corner, just 2.5 miles (4 km) away, is the world-famous Grace Bay Beach, consistently ranked at the #1 spot right there at the summit of countless Top 10 Lists of the Planet’s Best Beaches. It’s there you’ll discover the other Hartling Group properties of The Sands on Grace Bay Beach and the Regent Palms, amid all sorts of glorious vistas and gourmet restaurants. Yet here on Long Bay Beach, it’s just as grand and (possibly) even better.

Picture all the jaw-droppingly stunning scenery and setting of Grace Bay Beach but calmer and with even less crowds. Chances are you’ll discover your own deserted island experience with the beach practically to yourself, kite-boarders surfing offshore, colorful sails like giant butterflies. Long Bay is one of the planet’s most gorgeous beaches, to be sure, with warm shallow waters stretching a mile out from shore across the sandbar. Here the cerulean sea is so crystal clear and full of light that the coconut-white seabed is visible from your private balcony. And the vistas from the suites and villas are simply mesmerizing. There’s also a lovely breeze flowing on this side of Provo which keeps the resort from becoming too hot or muggy, as can occur in the Caribbean. At Shore Club it’s just refreshing vibes and peaceful times in paradise.
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Condominiums are now on sale, 38 to be exact, located in two low-rise buildings, plus six estate villas. The layout is very intimate and secluded, as Shore Club is the one and only property on Long Bay Beach, with a design that exudes a Caribbean-mansion feel. Or visualize the Shore Club as a palace, a colonial-style resort blending in naturally with the lush and verdant surroundings on nine-acres of spectacular landscape and flow. And right there, visible from every suite and villa, is the phenomenal vision of 820 linear feet of unobstructed beachfront. The trademark azure on cream complementary colors of the Caribbean water washing gently ashore the beach emit a certain vibration which inspires a certain reaction in those fortunate enough to experience it: namely the sensation of unparalleled relaxation and calm - with a side of rejuvenating energy. Trust us, this is one club of which you definitely want to be a card-carrying member with benefits.

Guided Meditation: Imagine yourself barefoot on the hot sands, or cool in the shade of a palm tree. You’re staying tropical to the core of your essence and haven’t felt this relaxed in, who knows how long. Time takes on a different quality here on the islands, you’ve left your watch and your phone in the room. Its just you, that special someone, and the vividly sensual experience of Long Bay Beach in Turks and Caicos. It’s like you’ve died and went to heaven. Or for the atheists out there, like you slipped into the virtual reality world of your computer screensaver. The fantasy has become the reality. You're here, in the now, and you’re infinitely present.

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