Christmas in Turks and Caicos

Christmas in Turks and Caicos

Winter is coming. The high season is rapidly approaching as the northern climes continue to get chillier. And as the weather necessitates warmer and warmer clothing and beverages, so to does the desire to escape to the Caribbean become that much more appealing. For there is a magical land of perfect weather and palm trees and warm water and great food and excellent ambiance that is out there, just waiting for you to come experience it. Here in Turks and Caicos, the "White Christmas" theme is more about the colour of the sandy beaches than the snow that falls from the skies back home. Christmas holidays is the busiest time of the year in Turks and Caicos and the demand is high to come get away from it all and experience pure bliss and beauty. Accommodation fills up fast so book now for your little peace of Caribbean paradise. And with average temperatures of 82 degrees farenheit between November and May, it's a lovely not too hot but pretty perfect climate to come live it up on your exotic vacation during the peak season primetime.

Leave the fallen leaves and frozen driveways behind and rearrange your scenario into the ideal Caribbean dreamscape. Replace your scarves and winter boots with swimsuits and shades and get ready for some beautiful weather. Stay tropical, for it's a state of mind. And here you'll be in a state of bliss. Just soaking up the good vibes that flow freely from this wonderland of winter heat and paradise experiences awaiting your visit. There are so many things to do in Turks and Caicos - or nothing at all, which ranks up high among activities. Go snorkeling or scuba diving or eat at world-class restaurants or go on boat tours and visit art galleries and treat your self to spa days and all that stuff that you've earned and you deserve. There are also some nice Christmas activities to take part in, Caribbean style.

Keeping to the cultural heritage which is rich and vibrant as the friendly and heart-centered people of these islands, on every Boxing Day (the day after Christmas for you Americans) the locals celebrate something called Maskanoo. It's a mix of the street parade known as Junkanoo - a pre-slavery African festival - merged with the classic western masquerade balls of the foreign oppressers. Now liberated and totally accepting of everyone, you can take part in the festivities of a rowdy and brightly colour parade of dancing and masks and costumes and music and food and art and entertainment of all sorts. Sure beats the sale on electronics at Future Shop.

And of course being a largely Christian population, Turks and Caicos gets all geared up for Christmas. It's one of the most looked forward to holidays in the Caribbean, from bonfires and beach parties with feasts of the finest foods and even tree decorating competitions at Island Thyme Bistro Annual Christmas Tree Ornament Competition in Salt Cay (yes there's some evergreens here, although even palm trees get lit up in Christmas lights to bring that magic feeling to the islands). It's a totally unique and invigorating way to spend Christmas with your family and/or loved ones, where the snowy world is replaced with one of turquoise sea reflecting the sunshine and people strolling smoothly with smiles on their face.  So investigate our hotels and hot savings and come get involved on a beuatifully memorable experience.

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  1. So awesome. I would have never thought Christmas could be so enjoyable on Turks and Caicos. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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