The Delightful Dining Experience at Baci Ristorante

When looking for an incredible dinning experience in an exotic setting, the Turks and Caicos is a Caribbean cuisine adventure. There is nothing like looking out at the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean while dining in the Turks. The peaceful relaxing atmosphere will soothe the weariest of souls, as they enjoy a wonderful dinner.

One such place is Baci Ristorante. This fine Italian dining establishment is located at Turtle Cove. You will admire the restaurant’s beautiful Spanish tile floors and extraordinary décor, as you enjoy their wonderful food. Some of the delicious dishes found there are fresh fish, mouth-watering pasta, chicken, lobster and brick oven pizza. They are famous for their delectable veal dishes. If it is a cocktail you seek, relax at the bar for some tropical drinks.

You will fall in love with the beautiful surroundings of Baci Ristorante. When exploring the amazing courtyard, you find an enchanted mermaid fountain. Magical fantasies of the deep blue sea will fill your mind. The wrought iron walls bring a sense of the old ships that sailed the vast Atlantic. The “happening” bar brings a delicious smile to any face as you drink, laugh, love and chat up a storm. The dinning terrace overlooks turtle cove marina. Sailboats and yachts drift peacefully on the glowing beauty of the water. This will almost make you feel like you are part of Mother Ocean. At Baci Ristorante, soft surroundings and mystic rhythm of chimes playing in the wind bring about a mood of total relaxation. The always-entertaining open kitchen will delight you as you watch the chefs at work, and smell the aromas of the delectable food about to be served. Oh yes, this wonderful food, along with the incredible scenery, makes this one of a kind dining in the turks experience you will never forget.
Baci Ristorante is open Monday-Saturday. For a guaranteed seat, call ahead for reservations. The restaurant is located in, Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands, British West Indies.