Top 5 Reasons to Choose Turks and Caicos for your Family Vacation

Looking for a great destination for your next family vacation? Look no further than Turks and Caicos. With great hotels, a fantastic beach and some terrific kids clubs, Turks and Caicos Island have you covered. Here's why:

#1 Family Friendly Accommodations
Turks and Caicos hotels and resorts are slightly different than most other places as they offer hotel rooms as well as suites which have a full kitchen, dining and living area making it ideal for families. The spacious suites give any family enough room to live comfortably for the duration of their vacation. Many properties also offer a kids club with scheduled activities and excursions.

#2 Safety
The Turks and Caicos Islands are relatively newly neweloped and not very touristy, perfect for a relaxing vacation! There are no panhandlers on the beach or strangers approaching you, other than friendly tourists like yourself. Almost everything happens on the 12-mile stretch of Grace Bay Beach so you do not have to wander far to get everything you need.

#3 Dining
Perhaps not yet known as a worldly destination for cuisine, we feel that it will be one day as the food here is fantastic! Yes, dining out can be pricey however there are numerous local eateries with amazing food at great prices. Most restaurants offer a children’s menu and know how to make the little ones happy. Many restaurants offer take away menus so you can eat in the comfort of your own suite with your children.

#4 Pools
Each resort has its own unique pool(s). Many pools are also heated in the winter months and have a shallow entry for the children. The pool at the Regent Palms has a shallow four-foot wide plateau that follows around the pools edge where young children can sit and wade for hours. For a bit of adventure float down the canals at The Sands, or have you child dive for treasure at The Somerset’s pool while listening to music underwater in their lap pool.

#5 Beaches
Voted as the World’s #1 Beach, Grace Bay Beach is simply breathtaking. We cannot say it enough; it really does have the softest white sand and the clearest turquoise waters we have ever seen. The beach gets swept and combed every morning so you will not find litter or big pieces or debris anywhere. Your kids will love the warm gentle water and the soft sand in which to bury the parents and built numerous sandcastles. Its usual calm rolling waves do not get bigger than a foot or two and there are some beaches on the south part of the island where there are no waves simply calm, tranquil waters in which your children will play endlessly.

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  1. The main pool at the Veranda was perfect for my 3 and 5 year old. There was a large shallow end that was only about 1 foot deep so my three year old just waded and played with his dinosaurs all day! It was right on the beach, and absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to go back. One of the best boutique style all inclusive we have ever been to!

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