Turks and Caicos Beaches


We all know that the Turks and Caicos Islands have won numerous awards for their luxurious resorts, heavenly Spas and top chef cuisine, however it is the beaches that truly make these exclusive islands shine. Grace Bay Beach has held the title of #1 Beach in the World throughout the years and currently holds this title with Trip Advisor's Traveler's Choice 2016. The big secret though is that there are other beaches just like Grace Bay throughout the many islands and cays. Here are some our favorite ones we would highly recommend checking out.


Water Cay

Next to its sister island, Little Water Cay, this little gem is reachable by boat or kayak and close enough for a quick trip if you are only on island for a short visit. It is currently uninhabited and privately owner, however day trips are allowed. Pack a lunch, rent a kayak from Big Blue Unlimited and enjoy the wildlife as you paddle your heart out in these beautiful waters. Once you reach the island, you'll want to spend several minutes just enjoying the white sands and calm lapping water.


Mudjin Habour Beach

Set on Middle Caicos, with access through North Caicos, these islands go together like two peas in a pod. Luckily they are connected by a causeway and easy to navigate around. Our favorite place to relax is Mudjin Harbour, where you can visit a great local restaurant, the hidden caves and several secluded beaches, Mudjin being our favorite followed closely by Bambarra beach.


Gibbs Cay

Just a short distance from Grand Turk, this Cay is also known as Stingray City and home to a stunning beach on its West side. Here you can see the beautiful stingrays in action from the shoreline or in the shallow waters surrounding the beach. It is recommended going out with a tour group so that you can learn all about these wondrous fish in a safe environment.


Taylor Bay

Our favorite family friendly beach with calm shallow water that stretches out several miles. The water is usually warmer here as the tides are low and absorbs the suns heat all day. Several Villas are scattered throughout the area making it a peaceful and quiet neighborhood. Grab a floaty and a good book and enjoy a lazy afternoon in the sun.


Long Bay Beach

This is our go-to place for kiteboarding! A long stretch of untouched beach with shallow waters and constant breeze flowing through the air, make this a boarders paradise. We have spent many days walking up and down this beach without seeing a soul.



So no matter which Turks and Caicos beach you choose to visit, as you can see, they are all winners. Happy exploring!