Uncrowded AND World’s Best Beach?

Every time I come to Turks and Caicos I am amazed at how uncrowded and picturesque Grace Bay Beach is. Consistently voted the World's Number One Beach, it is no wonder why. The sand is white and soft as a baby's bum. The water is more turquoise than even the most enhanced post card. It is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean.

As I walked along the beach from Beaches Turks and Caicos all the way to Seven Stars Resort, I was amazed at how few people I ran into. Later that evening over dinner I learned that many of the hotels were sitting at 80% + occupancy. How is it possible that the resort is this busy, yet I could count the number of people that I passed on my beach walk on two hands? The answer? Boutique hotels. There are no big box hotels boasting over 1,000 rooms like you would find in some more busy destinations such as Cancun or Bahamas. The hotels that line the beach in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos, are smaller and more intimate. Take Seven Stars Resort, for example. One of the larger hotels in the resort, it boasts only 115 suites. Beaches, one of the more typical all - inclusive style hotels still comes in under 500 rooms. And that's how big they get on Grace Bay Beach.

Tourism in Turks and Caicos is growing every day. With the airport expansion a few years ago it is becoming easier and easier to get to, with direct flights from many Canadian and US cities in under 4 hours. There are many hotels and resorts to chose from, and many are offering incredible deals over the summer months.

So now you know - the world's number one beach still has room for you. Come explore and enjoy the uncrowded nature of this brilliant resort.