Amanyara Experience

Amanyara Experience

If your idea of the perfect Caribbean vacation involves more serenity and rejuvenation than lively celebration, then there's practically no better place than Amanyara Resort. This phenomenal luxury hotel is one of the world's most peaceful resorts, in fact the name Amanyara is derived from the Sanskrit word for PEACE 'aman' and the Arawak Amerindian (the first indigenous group in the region)'s word for PLACE 'yara' - thus, the peaceful place. And oh baby, is it ever. The sensual tropical harmony of Amanyara gets into your being, and soothes you into the perfect flow state. If you want to visit Turks and Caicos for the bliss and beauty, then you've found your magic crystal.

Located on the eastern side of Providenciales where it's still pristine and thankfully removed from the central zone of Grace Bay Beach, Amanyara is perched in a veritable sanctuary of lush vegetation and calm reflecting pools. The complex is a series of pavilions and villas connected by winding paths through the tropical landscaping and vibrant ponds and the powder soft white sand beach on the edge of the Caribbean Sea. It's all been meticulously designed with an eye for feng shui and the natural flow of energy so as to channel and harness the most radiant vibes. Amanyara is wonderfully secluded in the Northwest Point Marine National Park, an acclaimed area of over 4,000 acres that provides an abundance of nature and opportunities to explore and experience it. This palatial resort is the prime spot to soak up the true authenticity of heaven on Earth. Just let the vibe take hold and feel yourself re-energized. It's the epitome of comfort and serenity, where everything is everything and all is well.

Amanyara Reflections

Amanyara is luxury and sophistication, a veritable kingdom as magnificent as any legend and tranquil as history's most serene garden. The entire property is open to the four elements: warm sun by day and torch light by night for fire, calm reflecting pools and the turquoise ocean for water, refreshing sea breeze for wind, and the rich soil and alabaster sand for earth. This five-star resort comes with everything you need to unwind on an effortless vacation, with all the amazing amenities, activities, and dining available, as well as the vaunted spa and wellness focus that will get you to where you need to be.

When you first enter the resort through the large reception pavilion, you're overcome with a strong sense of peace. You understand nearly immediately why Amanyara is so-called, and it just continues to get better over the length of your stay. You step out in front of the central reflection pond, representing your ideal state of mind, all surrounded by mahogany trees that represent growth and strength and you already feel inspired. You inhale deeply. Exhale deeply. From here you can see the Library and the Boutique on one side and on the other the Restaurant with its circular bar representing the whole - and beyond it the main swimming pool, sun deck, and dramatic vistas to the ocean. You can feel it already, this experience will be perfect.

Amanyara Ocean

Amanyara's Spa and Wellness Facility is an oasis within an oasis, a majestic space that invites you in with warm embrace and a sense of unconditional love. Bordered by another tranquil pond, the Spa offers four double treatment pavilions where you'll come to enjoy the wide variety of massage, scrub, and wrap therapies as well as facials and beauty treatments. The intuitive therapists here set you at such ease along your journey to self-discovery and deep connection; perpetuating that state of bliss. Slide into the swimming pool for a few refreshing laps, or relax on the deck lined with sun loungers and just appreciate.

Every morning, folks gather at the sala for outdoor yoga sessions to get your mind and body right. There's also private sessions available with wonderful yogis as well as a 375 square-foot Pilates studio to cover all your bases on the bliss and beauty trip. The relaxation pavilion is the perfect spot to meditate and focus on your breathing and the sensations of your mind-body connection, aware of impermanence with a sense of total equanimity to any cravings or aversions. Just letting them be and allowing them to come and go without attachment.