Regent Village Shopping

When considering destinations for the next holiday, a Turks and Caicos vacation triggers thoughts of luxurious accommodations, relaxing on the world's finest beaches, dining at 5-star restaurants and catching glimpses of the vibrant coral reefs from behind a snorkeling mask. It's no wonder, since the Turks and Caicos are home to some of the finest beach-front resorts in the Western hemisphere. Add another experience to this Caribbean paradise when next deciding where to spend the holidays: Regent Village.

The Finest Shopping in Turks and Caicos and Much More
After a day of diving the ocean the ocean floor in search of shipwrecks or exploring the largest cave network in the Caribbean, enjoy an evening in the Grace Bay area. you will find luxury boutiques, elegant dining experiences and, later in the evening, a night life featuring live music, Caribbean dance theme parties, and traditional island games. There are several locations to choose from, but Regent Village is the finest choice for both the tropical setting and commercial options.

This attractive newelopment is replete with fountains, lush gardens and over 30 established businesses, from dining and high-end shopping to professional services. The best part about shopping in Turks and Caicos is that you will face no luxury tax, sales tax or duties on products, like cigars, liquor, perfumes and jewelery. According to international trade agreements, residents of the US will even be able to return with up to $800 worth of items per person after a Turks and Caicos vacation of at least 48 hours. Canadian residents are limited to $750 worth of purchases per person for the same vacation length.

For island crafts, including those beautiful conch shells, there is no duty charged upon return. This means that beautiful items, like handmade jewelery containing rare conch pearls, carved wooden art, and any other item made on the island can be purchased as souvenirs or gifts for family back home. This savings extends to locally made beer, wines and the famous Bambarra rum. Consider the many opportunities offered by Regent Village in Turks and Caicos when planning your next vacation.