Turks and Caicos SPA SERIES

Turks and Caicos Spa

You're on vacation so you're already prepared mentally for relaxation and rejuvenation - in fact you've been readying yourself for this moment for months now. You've been daydreaming about the beach, ogling gorgeous photos of white sand serenity and imagining the feeling of digging your toes down to where it's cool while sipping a drink from a coconut beneath a palm tree. You've been nightdreaming about the fascinating people you'l meet around the pool and the adventures you'll embark upon as you venture out into the tropical paradise. And if you know how to really treat yourself, you've been visualizing the moments of pure harmony inside the sanctuary of a Turks and Caicos Spa.

First off, we commend you for your vision. It's an amazing aspect of us humans, our ability to first imagine and then actualize our imagination into reality. The trick, of course, is to focus on what we want and not that which we wish to avoid. For when we imagine something we can feel it as if it were actually happening - and the brain can't really tell the difference. The vibrations that occur when we are in that state of feeling send out resonance through the universe and magnetize experiences into our path that seem like coincidence but are actually synchronicity: meaningfully related events caused by the manifestation of the mind. So focus on what you want and thy will be done. Focus on bliss and beauty and abundance. Focus on how you will feel inside the sanctuary of a Turks and Caicos Spa.

As it turns out, there are many more reasons to visit a spa then just stress release and the pursuit of wellness. While being pampered is certainly something we all enjoy, there are quite a few positive health benefits to a solid spa session. As you know, stress is a leading cause of illness and disease; so it stands to reason that relieving stress through the art and science of spa will reduce stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin and thus the potential for neweloping certain medical conditions. Other great reasons to visit include: ME Time, Romantic Rendezvous, Bonding Sessions, Celebrations, Launching a New Beginning, Seeking Advice on Balance, Being Proactive with Your Health, and Taking Care of Your Loved Ones.

Whatever your reason may be (really, you don't even need a reason) here are some of our favourite spa in Turks and Caicos:

Turks and Caicos Spa

REGENT SPA at The Regent Palms

This acre-wide sanctuary of tranquil space is absolutely radiant with good vibe. Treat yourself to an extensive menu of holistic therapies that fuse ancient health remedies with contemporary wellness technology. Each treatment room is surrounded by calming water with its own unique water feature by day and fire feature by night, bringing in all four elements to fuse with the fifth element - the spirit.


Located within a miraculous nature preserve on a private island, this asian-inspired spa is the ultimate in soothing oasis. You'll feel tuned right in to your higher self here as you indulge in the extensive therapies incorporating imported herbs and spices with ancient energy rituals. Experience complete rejuvenation and become at one in the Spa Cottage tree house and through its world-class yoga.


The entire resort of Amanyara is basically one enormous luxury spa, absolutely vibrant with peace and bliss. The actual spa is an oasis within an oasis, bordered by tranquil ponds and offering four double treatment pavilions with a wide array of spa therapies designed to transport you to total serenity, all in the good hands of intuitive therapists. Meditate in the relaxation pavilion on the path to enlightenment.

THE SPA AT SEVEN STARS at Seven Stars Resort

For the authentic spa service you've been fantasizing about, the Spa at Seven Stars is the place where your dreams will come true. Their vast menu of sensual services offer plenty to pick from as you marinate in a massage under the outdoor tents right on the beach, the sound of the waves soothing your mind and soul while your body is worked into harmony. It's beautiful balance at its finest.