Best Kids Clubs in Turks and Caicos

Best Kids Clubs in Turks and Caicos

It's your Turks and Caicos vacation and your entire family is living it up to the fullest. Mom and Dad are lounging in the sun while Little Mikey and Sally are rocking out in the kids program. Life is great. You see, the Turks and Caicos are one of most beautiful dream destinations for kids of all ages with its abundance of good times to be experienced. The islands radiate a rare allure that seduces the hearts and minds of all those fortunate enough to experience its majestic beaches and marvellous resorts and hotels. There are indeed many, many opportunities for romance, yet there are also many fun options for the kids to enjoy (perhaps while mom and dad are getting involved in some of that romance).

Every resort and hotel that we have chosen each offer something special to guests but some are just more geared to family excursions with children. Before you book your trip you should consider which resorts offer child-friendly activities and amenities. And what better way to keep everyone busy than a place where they can play with new friends and are under supervision by the trained staff. This is where the best Kids Clubs in Turks and Caicos come in. What follows is our three favourite resorts that cater to kids, ensuring they too have the time of their life. 


The 72-suite luxury resort that wins multiple awards each year for being amazing is equally great when it comes to kids clubs. It's consistently recognized for its outstanding service and hospitality, including attentiveness of staff, remarkable ambience, and outstanding facilities and amenities. The onsite restaurant Parallel 23 is to die for and your entire family will love it. The Conch Kritters Club is perfect for entertaining and educating kids all day. The Club offers a fun place to hang out for kids age 4-12 and they'll have their hands full with searching for lizards and flying kites and making sand castles and art projects and so much fun stuff. There's a wide range of both indoor and outdoor activities including croquet, tennis, swimming and you name it.  For children participating in either the full-day or evening programs, lunch or dinner from their set menu and a snack are included in the price. There is no room charge for children under 12 years and a babysitting service is available on request.


Welcome to Kids Town at Grace Bay, a super fun program for kid guests that runs each day of the week with a full schedule that will keep them busy and smiling. The mornings are typically spent around the resort doing things like beach play and swimming and sports and art projects. They eat meals together then head out off the property for an afternoon of exciting adventure. This can include such wonders as exploring local villages, touring on cataramans, and snorkelling in the reefs. Parents can choose to have their kid spend a full day in the club or just a few hours. Whatever works best!


Another Kids Town is to be found at the Veranda Resort, where children age 3-12 can have the best vacation of their life so far. Under the watchful eye of friendly staff, the kids will learn about Turks and Caicos geography and marine life as they do activities that are both active and environmentally friendly. The goal is to facilitate positive experiences with children so that they might return home and grow up to be good stewards of the planet. Teenagers can take part too and sign up for awesome excursions to go scuba diving or parasailing.